• Eagle 1000B stretch wrapper

    Eagle 1000B

    250% Powered Pre-stretch 59″ Turntable Diameter 87.5″ Max. Wrap Height 3,500lb Max. Load Weight PDF Brochure Please note that this wrapper has a lead time of 5-6 weeks.  Please...
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  • Eagle 2000B stretch wrapper

    Eagle 2000B

    Features Semi-automatic or manual operation Powered pre-stretch (250%) PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) LCD display with integrated controls ALHS (Automatic Load-Height Sensor) Soft start/stop...
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  • Eagle 710 high speed strapper

    Eagle 710 (5mm/6mm)

    Eagle 710 is an innovative high-speed automatic strapping machine. Capable with 5mm, 6mm, 9mm or 12mm polypropylene strap. This machine comes equipped with industry standard features and creative...
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  • Eagle 710L high speed strapper

    Eagle 710L (5mm/6mm)

    Eagle 710L similarly designed to the Eagle 710 but straps larger cartons. This innovative high-speed automatic strapping machine is compatible with a 5mm, 6mm, 9mm or 12mm polypropylene...
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  • Eagle T100SM Small Box Case Sealer

    Eagle T100SM

    Eagle T100SM small box case sealer with 2" taping heads.  Please see PDF brochure and video for more details.  PDF Brochure
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  • Eagle T20CF case erector

    Eagle T20CF

    Eagle T20CF Carton Erector From start to finish this carton erector constructs and seals the bottom of each carton in only 3 seconds! Rather than stopping your production, the vertical storage system...
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